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Oribay Group Automotive is a Spanish company that works in the design and production of different components, electronics and adhesives that are included in the windshield of vehicles. The company involves plastic injection, metal injection, powder metal, electronic components and sensors, screen printing and adhesive tape production lines.

The R&D unit of Oribay Group Automotive is formed by 6 researchers. The research lines are applied for the investigation on adhesives and functional coating using different chemical reactions and different initiation processes (light and thermal initiation). We are using different chemical reactions like radical polymerization, epoxy curing reactions, end-capped PU and isocyanate blocked PU and Sol-Gel process. In terms of products we are working with structural adhesive tapes, liquid adhesive tapes, pressures sensitive adhesive tapes for oiled surfaces, electrically conductive polymeric coatings and sol-gel coatings for enhance the abrasion and scratch resistance of polymeric material. Apart from polymeric materials, we have a research line for the production of nanoparticles of Ag and Cu for their applications as conductive nanoparticles in polymeric materials (coatings and adhesives).


Scientific team

Marina Olaso

MO 2

Marina Olaso obtained her B.S. in Chemistry (Macromolecules) in 2006 and M.S. in Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials in 2008, University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain. Then she joined a research project in Polymat about dual curable systems of acrylic/epoxy materials for the synthesis of structural adhesive tapes under the supervision of professors M.J. Fernandez-Berridi and J.M. Asua. Due to this project, in 2010 she started in Oribay to implement an industrial process for the production of this structural adhesive and to continue with new research projects. From 2016, she is the project manager of Oribay Group Automotive coordinating more than 6 research projects per year collaborating with different research centers in different founding programs.

Iñigo Calvo

IC 2

Dr. Iñigo Calvo received his PhD in 2012 from the University of the Basque Country working in the mathematical modeling of emulsion polymerization processes of styrene butadiene latexes under the supervision of professors J.M. Asua and J.R. Leiza. In 2011 he moved to Oribay to work in scale-up process for the production of structural adhesive. From 2016 he is the main research in the R&D unit of Oribay Group Automotive working in different research projects in collaboration with different research centers and universities. His main research interest is the combination of different polymerization process for the improvement of the final properties and the manipulation of adhesives and coatings.


Oribay Group Automotive
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