École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la ville de Paris


ESPCI Paris is a leading French “Grande École” training scientists and engineers at the graduate level, as well as a world-renowned research institution with a distinguished history. It is home to 11 high-profile laboratories pioneering and advancing scientific knowledge in chemistry, physics and biology. ESPCI Paris is a leader in industrial research and development with a long tradition of partnerships with world-class industries and creation of start-up companies.

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ESPCI Paris is a founder member of Paris Sciences et Lettres, a Research University which fosters collaboration between different disciplines, energizes innovation and creativity, and provides a unique environment to its researchers and students.


The Molecular, Macromolecular, and Materials (C3M) laboratory comprises 3 full professors, 1 emeritus professor, 5 assistant-professors, 1 research assistant, 3 research directors, 24 PhD students and 11 post-doctoral researchers. The research is multidisciplinary and global, and spans a wide field of topics from fundamental science to innovative applications. The laboratory is well-known for its contributions in molecular chemistry, dynamic covalent chemistry, functional polymers and soft colloidal materials.


Scientific team

François Tournilhac


Dr. François Tournilhac is a CNRS Research Director and team leader within the C3M laboraty. His research activity includes chemical synthesis of molecular and polymer materials, structural studies (X-ray and neutron scattering) and demonstration of new physical properties (mechanical, electrical, optical) in materials. His main achievements include nonconventional liquid crystals based on sequence-controlled molecules and polymers, gas sensors based on organic field effect transistors, phase separation induced by an electric field gradient and the design of materials showing unusual combination of properties (eg self-healing rubber, vitrimers).

Michel Cloitre


Dr. Michel Cloitre is Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France and Head of the C3M laboratory. He has 20 years of research on in Soft Matter physics and chemistry focusing on the relation between the dynamic microstructure and rheological properties of soft matter systems. He currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Molecular Rheology, Soft Matter and Development, and Rheophysics. He has a long standing experience of collaborations with industrial partners for liquid-liquid encapsulation, enhanced oil recovery and the development of hydrocolloids for water-borne formulations.


ESPCI Paris - 10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris, France