Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des composites (IPC)


IPC, the French Technical Industrial Centre of the plastics and composites industry cluster is connected to more than 2500 SMEs. As such, IPC is in charge of providing the plastics and composites industry cluster with innovative and high added value facilities and manufacturing pilot lines, cutting edge expertise and services.

IPC covers the full industry value chain with its key fields of expertise including design and simulation of parts and processes; advanced injection moulding and tooling; thermoplastics materials; composites materials; plastronics. Main markets addressed today encompass automotive, aeronautics, health, packaging, connectors, house appliances, horology. Developing new value chains is a key strategic issue with focus on e.g. micro-/nano-structured plastic parts, microsystems on plastics; smart composites; multi-materials, additive manufacturing.
IPC has a strong experience in collaborative projects with an average of 25 running projects per year. It has previously been coordinating two FP7 projects and is currently coordinating two H2020 Projects.


Scientific team

Gilles Dennler


Dr. Gilles Dennler obtained a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics at the University of Toulouse (France) and a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics at Ecole Polytechnique of Montréal (Canada). In 2003, he moved to the University of Linz (Austria), where he was appointed Assistant Professor. In 2006, he joined Konarka Technologies Inc. (USA) where he served as Director of Research. In 2011, he took the lead of the Advanced Materials Department at IMRA Europe (TOYOTA Group, France). Since July 2018, he serves as R&D Director at the French Technical Center for Plastic Industries (CT-IPC). Gilles Dennler has co-authored about 100 scientific articles (≥ 12,000 citations; h-index: 44), 6 book chapters, and 30 patents.

Arnaud Littner


Dr. Arnaud Littner studied materials sciences and technologies at the University of Nancy (France). He joined Dechema (Germany) in 2002 where he completed his PhD in advanced materials for aeronautics and glass applications. In 2005, he moved to Ayming where he was appointed as an innovation consultant in EU collaborative research projects. In 2010, he joined IPC – the French Technical Centre for Plastics and Composites – as R&D program manager where he has been in charge of collaborative research, IP management and partnerships for 9 years. Arnaud is involved in EARTO, EFFRA, ECP4, EIT Manufacturing. In 2019 he took the lead of IPC’s Circular Economy research programme.

Thierry Fahler


Dr. Thierry Fahler received his master’s degree in chemistry and physico-chemistry of polymers from the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI). He obtained his PhD degree in 1996 from the University of Le Mans for his work on the post-grafting of N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone onto a plasma modified polypropylene surface. Since 1996, he is working at ISPA, first as Lecturer and in 2015 as head of the technology transfer centre. He has joined IPC during the year 2017 as “Advanced functional materials” program line manager and he is now operational coordinator for R&D projects related to circular economy. His research activities are mainly focused on improving or adding properties to polymers by formulation, processes and surface treatments.

Valentin Thoury


Dr. Valentin Thoury received his Ph.D. degree in Biomaterials Science in 2018 from Montpellier University (France) in partnership with JRU IATE. He worked one year in INRA on Res Urbis project as research engineer and acquired experience in sustainability materials by the use of bio-based and biodegradable/compostable materials and the use of natural fillers. He started in March 2019 as a project manager in material and extrusion process at IPC. His scientific activity involves the development (formulation / compounding / implementation by extrusion process) of bioplastic materials. He is author of 5 papers published on international peer-reviewed journals and 6 oral presentations in international congresses.



CTIPC - Pôle universitaire d'Alençon, Campus de Damigny 61250, Damigny, France